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At EPL Sports we have an excellent international working relationship with many top professional clubs and tournaments from all over the world. Our close links and associations will enable unique and exclusive access on all tours.
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Our custom Designed tours offer the finest quality in competitive sporting events and educational/cultural activities. Participate in some of the best tournaments, practice with some of the biggest professional clubs and experience some of the world's fascinating cultures through sports.
Coaches & Parents
As a thank you for choosing EPL Sports, we are proud to offer free land packages for coaches on all EPL Sports tours (certain restrictions apply). This will enable peace of mind for all coaches and help reduce the overall tour cost!.
At EPL Sports,we understand that the parents are as much part of the tour as the players. That's why we are happy to assist parents to arrange any extra-curricular or sightseeing activities they should choose. Any Golf-enthusiasts should ask your EPL Sports representative about our specialized golf packages.

"As a parent, I went on the U.K. tour so that my children could experience soccer in another culture. However, I was tremendously impressed with the time and attention the EPL staff put into making the experience as much fun for the parents as it was for the players. The scrimmages, training sessions, and stadium tours were great, but I was equally impressed with the cultural excursions. THe outing were well planned out, and the lodgings surpassed my expectations. Doing the tour was a fantastic way to see the U.K. and Ireland, and looking back, I'm not sure if the parents or the players had more fun?!"
Rich Bruce - DE, USA
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